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At Tea For; a dedicated group of individuals are working together diligently to create change on a global level. 

Promoting Environmental Sustainability

We abide by and function on the principles of integrity, excellence in quality and social consciousness. Environmental sustainability is one of our main objectives through which we hope to elevate societal standards of living for the people. We aim to change the way people live for a better by providing organic substances that are free from toxins and will elevate the health and wellbeing of the people around us.

More About Our Mission

“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”

John F. Kennedy

Cultivating Personal Relationships

We at Tea For, make it a point to build personal relationships with the farmers who provide us with such high-quality tea. Harvesting tea leaves is nothing less of an art form and requires skill and knowledge passed down generation to generation.


One of the reasons for inorganic, inauthentic tea being produced in the market is that the farmer’s are not being treated with respect and dignity and are not given fair wages. This discourages the farmer’s kin from continuing with the family trade and the art of harvesting tea leaves to make tea becomes lost and corrupted.


Therefore, Tea For ensures that the lives of the farmers and their children are enriched with health care and better living facilities and standards so that they make a decision to keep the farms inhabited and keep the practice of producing fine tea alive.

Ethically Produced Tea

Our tea is produced in the most ethical way from the plantation to the harvest, till the day it reaches your kettles and enriches your taste buds; however we are not Fair Trade Certified because its certification is a private enterprise which is susceptible to not being standardized. Apart from our ethical standards of practice, we also take up our social responsibility and try to give back to the community.

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